Go big or go small, we can help you pull together an over-the-top birthday party, a small intimate anniversary dinner, or really any reason you can come up with to celebrate. Want to have an automotive social event in a one-hundred-year-old factory that made parts for legendary automobiles like the Model T? Want to have a reunion in a building that was part of the Arsenal of Democracy for WWII and still has some preparations for war on display? How about a party or celebration in a beautiful brick building that celebrated unprecedented social advancements like 100% sustainable energy production or equitable pay/employment practices? Coffee club meeting in the location some historians think gave birth to the phrase “coffee break?” Need a meeting location for your car club, book club, social club? Look no further than Phoenix Mill! Because of the versatility of the space, it can be transformed to work for just about any type of event. For any event or occasion, your guests will always remember it was hosted at the Phoenix Mill! Give us the details and let's pull this celebration together!