Your venue should be as historic and memorable as your wedding! After all, it is not just a backdrop to your most important day, but an important part of your love story. Your family story. We want you to come back again and again, for important milestones and reminders of your story…your history. Because when you get married here, you become part of our history too. That’s why we put so much love and care into making your wedding perfect. This is the perfect spot…the Historic and Memorable Phoenix Mill, a 100-year-old brick factory building, restored and repurposed, an iconic structure, rich with local and national history and significance. And did we mention the beautiful outdoor space? It’s surrounded by the beautiful Hines Park and the picturesque River Rouge. Plus the gorgeous Bridal Suite where you can take your time getting ready for your big day! This one of a kind space will give you everything you’ve dreamed of for your wedding – flexible indoor and outdoor space that will fit all your needs and make your wedding a truly memorable experience!